Our History

Howard Pennington was the senior pastor of Praise Chapel from 1987 untill 2012. “This church exists for those that are not yet a part of it,” he said. Howard was not only our Senior Pastor; he was also a friend—of sinners and God.

Howard first pioneered a church in San Jacinto, California in 1981. The following year he pioneered again in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1983, he moved to Anchorage, Alaska where he pioneered a third church. He then relocated to Chandler, Arizona where he became Associate Pastor of a large church. July 10, 1987—his birthday—Howard preached his first sermon to about 40 people in the former State Theater, downtown Kingman at Beale & Third Streets. 

Over the next 25 years he conveyed a vision that became the congregation’s dream. Howard wanted a place where anyone would feel welcome. Today our demographics are as diverse as those of our city. Whites. Hispanics. Native Americans. African Americans. Asian Americans. Children. Young Adults. Middle aged. Seniors. Married. Single. Divorced. Widowed. People wonder how we built such a large, diverse congregation. “We just love them long enough for God to change them,” Howard said. Howard learned more from life on the street than in a classroom. One night in 1976 Howard received God’s pardon. He never forgot where he came from or who he’d been.

Over the next three decades Howard’s influence stretched from Africa to Australia to Asia. Just before his death Howard ministered in Hong Kong. Since first preaching to one small church there, more than a decade earlier, that congregation grew to 34 churches and thousands of souls. Still, Howard wasn’t concerned with how many people attended. “Numbers don’t matter. People count. I don’t want to build big churches. I want to build big people,” he said.

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That process never stops at Praise Chapel.