Our Staff


    John Pool was born in Saginaw, Michigan. Pastor Pool gave his heart to the Lord at the tender age of 7 years old. By the time he was 16 he felt God's call on his life to preach.   

    After several moves between Arizona and Michigan, John settled in Kingman in the summer of 1984. It wasn't long before John found his way to Praise Chapel. John met his wife Kathy in the spring of 1985, and they were married on May 31,1986. By the time John was 22 years old, he was pastoring a small church in Needles, California. John and Kathy stayed in Needles for 2 '/2 years before moving back to Kingman to partner with Pastor Howard Pennington. John has been a faithful servant to the Praise Chapel Kingman congregation ever since.

    Today John is our Lead Pastor and Kathy is our children's pastor here at Praise Chapel. Both John and Kathy have a huge passion to see our Kingman community impacted with the love of Jesus Christ.  


    Alex has been ministering full-time for over thirty years. Along with pastoring churches in the U.S., he served as a missionary to Africa in Kenya and Malawi, Africa. 

    At Praise Chapel, Alex enjoys serving through preaching, teaching, and ministering both on a group and individual level. 

    Cindy is one of the smiling faces who greets you at the door when you come to church!

  • Harry And Joanie Hills

    Harry and Joanie have pioneered 3 churches and prepared and launched numerous successful workers and pastors in the US and foreign countries. They were missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya 2.5 yrs. They ministered as evangelists, holding Conferences and Crusades in 45 nations . They have served on the PC ministry team since 2003.

    As a minister, Pastor Harry is respected for his willingness to hear from God concerning people’s needs in the areas of healing, miracles and spiritual gifts. Harry and Joanie have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

  • Rosemary and Jeff Adams

    Rosemary is the founder and director of Women of Grace Ministries. Over the past eight years she has helped developed home Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and most importantly, shopping trips and Girls’ Night Out. She’s grateful to have so many women as partners in the ministry and she understands that, “You can get a lot done if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

    In her spare time Rosemary is the office manager and administrative assistant to the pastors of Praise Chapel Kingman.

    She is a wife, a mother, and a teacher. One of her passions is art, especially the Impressionist masters. Her favorite is Monet. And there’s no place she’d rather be than on an ocean beach.

  • Jason And Courtney Pool

    Jason and Courtney are our worship leaders here at Praise Chapel. They carry a deep hunger and desire to see everyone who walks through the doors of our church impacted and changed by the presence of God. Church and worship aside, Jason and Courtney love spending time together whether watching movies or playing board games. They also love hanging out with their 2 Dogs (Dixie and Athena) and 2 Cats (Fiona and Delia).

  • Andrew And Shea Pool

    Andrew and Shea are our Student Ministry Leaders here at Praise Chapel. In Addition to Youth Pastor, Andrew is the Intake Director of Jacobs Ladder and Shea is The volunteer coordinator for events and services.  Motivated by the desire to see a generation transformed and a city changed by the love of God they are in constant pursuit of the Holy spirit and declaring his presence here on earth.  

  • Howie and Diane Melendez

    On May 6, 1985 Howie gave his life to Christ and was instantly delivered from alcoholism and drug addiction. His past experience and his hunger for the things of God make him uniquely suited as Pastor over Jacob's Ladder: our Church Outreach Recovery Program. Howie is also a Chaplin at the local State Prison Complex, Kingman. He and his wife Diane have been ministering there since May 2010.