We are passionate about transforming lives at an early age and building up a new generation of believers and world changers. 

From babies to seniors in high school we have something for everybody. 

If you would like to Register your Kids for this years Kids camp, Please Click HERE

  • Nursery

    The nursery is open 15 minuets before service on

    Wednesday at 6:45 PM

    Saturday at 5:45 PM

    Sunday at 10:15 AM

    Breakthrough at 6:45 PM (every other Friday)

    Bible Stories, games, songs, and peace of mind

    newborn to 3 yrs old.

  • Toddlers

    For children between 3yrs of age ( potty trained) and 1st grade, 

    we have designated a whole separate building for the toddlers to go and grow in the Word of God.

    Crafts, games and lots of fun.

    Sundays at 10:15 AM In Room 6

    Saturdays in Children's Church 5:45 PM

    Wednesdays in Children's Church at 6:45 PM

    Breakthrough In Children's Church at 6:45 PM


  • Children's Church

    For the bigger kids between 1st grade and 5th Grade.

    We believe that kids are our future.

    Developing  a personal relationship with Jesus and to love to come to church is our ultimate goal.

    Sundays at 10:15 AM

    Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

    Breakthrough at 6:45 PM

    Saturdays at 5:45 PM

  • Tweens

    For a little more streamlined interaction for middle schoolers we have our tweens class. This class is designed to cultivate a meaningful relationship with God, Start digging into the Bible and discover why we believe what we believe.

    Sundays at 10:15 AM get checked into Children's Church.

  • Ground Zero

    For middle school - High school

    We hope to be the origin and point of impact of God's love in our city and world.

    We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 in the Ground Zero Student Center

    This where we have real talks about the Bible and God and grow to new levels in Christ as we prepare to enter the world.